How will travel change?

  • The Future of Travel

During this difficult period, when travel has ground to a halt, I have imagined what the world might look like on the other side, and how travel will change.

At first, I wanted things to go ‘back to normal’, but then I realised that amidst all the challenges, there is an opening to move towards a fairer and more sustainable world. Now, I don’t want to go back to the pre-COVID world.

I asked myself, how can I contribute to the world I envision? This is my pledge.

My integrity shall be measured on how the travel experiences I create develop meaningful relationships between cultures, and foster deeper connections with nature.

I shall always demand of my designs to be an invitation to discover, to challenge yourself and to foster self-reflection.

By deconstructing every element of your trip, I will see its impact, and how it relates to your interests, character, and aspirations.

The new paradigm in travel will be this: make it count.

Travel will not just be about experiences anymore. It will be about the meaning of those experiences and the ability to articulate it. The new luxury is finding the answer to the question: what are you searching for when you travel?


Travel in the post-COVID world is about engaging with local heroes with similar values: curiosity, imagination, reverence, flourishing, awakening, self-cultivation, generosity, resolution, and gratefulness.

In the last few months, I have narrowed down Blueflower's portfolio: properties that are places of beauty, away from the crowds, with cultural and natural integrity, private, safe, flexible, and with compassionate service.

I have been working with coaches to sprinkle my trips with moments of happiness: travel highlights designed to represent your personality, not guidebook suggestions; experiences with subtle invitations to feel, hear, wonder, imagine, explore and focus; gentle self-reflections to appreciate fresh perspectives.

What the post-COVID world and travel will look like depends on the choices we make, so I pledge to change travel for the better.

How will travel change?