• Journals for journeys, come rain or shine

Journals for journeys

The greatest adventures to be had are outdoors, though for storytellers and documentarians, transcribing these memories is not without risk. Sodden, ink-stained pages and illegible notes have tarnished the detail of many a memoir. There does exist a solution, albeit not an entirely new one. Rite in the Rain notebooks celebrate their 101st year in operation, in one form or another. 

Journals for journeys, come rain or shine

Borne from the kitchen of Jerry Darling and his wife Mary, the waterproof coated notebooks have since gone through a mechanising production process. The result? A standardised, trustworthy weatherproof piece of stationary to help cherish the memories of outdoor explorers, providing durability and the promise of wear-and-tear proof paper without compromising on a pledge for sustainability and eco-consciousness. No fair weather friends here.

Journals for journeys, come rain or shine