Taste of Maldives

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All images by COMO Maalifushi
Taste of Maldives

Greek-inspired interiors, it has 33 white-painted overwater suite villas, dotting the turquoise ocean built on two wooden jetties. Off the beaten track, their villas are a blend of tasteful design and nature with deep-set marble tubs and a paneled outdoor shower. Sunlight peeps through the netted drapes surrounding the pastel bed and you step onto the oak floors to gaze at nature's wonders through the french windows. Take a step further and sunbathe on the spacious deck or take a dip into the infinity plunge pool complete with thatched salas.

Taste of Maldives

Follow the ambrosial path along the pool and under the thatched-roof of the all-day diner Madi. A multifarious palatable spread of local, Indonesian, Mediterranean and Thai nouvelle cuisine, created with island infusion and fresh ingredients awaits you. Let your taste buds groove to the theme of the night on Maldivian Monday, ‘Thali’ Wednesday - featuring Indian cuisine or Seafood Barbecue Friday. To the foodie's delight, their seafood selection is extensive with local lobster, squid, trout, and kingfish to name a few. ‘Tai’ their Japanese restaurant is named after the Red Snapper and offers scrumptious sushi with fresh cut meats. One needn’t go astray from healthy eating habits with the option of the organic COMO Shambhala cuisine featuring local raw fish, fruits and seed bread. Chill out with Italian pizzas and pides from Turkey at Thila - their family-friendly pool side restaurant. For a more intimate affair, rekindle romance over a candlelight gourmet meal on the deck of your villa or on the white sand beach by the lapping sound of the ocean.