Glamping in Supreme Style

  • Camp Kiattua and the Inuit-inspired Tipi style tents
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Spending time in nature is a boon for the soul. Nature takes your mind away from the troubles of daily life and infuses in you the playfulness of the child: this is the origin of creativity, and why artists so often try to find inspiration in the natural world. However truly being in nature is not the easiest feat to accomplish, at least in our day and age. Even the best properties, those that are in the middle of Earth’s untouched natural wonders, often act as a frontier between us and Nature. This is not the case at Camp Kiattua, and the reason I love it so much. 

Glamping in Supreme Style

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Set in a faraway inlet in untouched Greenlandic shores, Camp Kiattua establishes a dialogue with nature, so you become truly immersed in the Arctic landscape, and measure your days by the rhythm of the sun, and stock your table from the bounty of the land thereabout. The Inuit-inspired tents have been appointed with creative and luxurious details to make your stay as comfortable as at any 5-star hotel, with one marked difference: the only thing between you and the wilderness is, well… actually nothing! Add to that other amenities such as a dining tent, a sauna and hot tub, and you soon find out that being in nature is not about privation and hardship, but rather about living grand in harmony with the world: Camp Kiattua makes such a statement.

Glamping in Supreme Style

Step outside your tent and hike to the nearby Viking ruins, or go fishing to catch the freshest char just metres from your bed. Hop on a rib boat for a day of adventure deep into the Nuuk Fjord, or simply relax in the comfort of your tent and perhaps even catch a glimpse of the late or early Auroras. Like nature, you are free to choose what your own adventure will look like.

Glamping in Supreme Style

Camp Kiattua is a project born out of passion. The hospitality the owners have cultivated springs from their love of nature, their heritage, and a willingness to show guests the best that life can be in the grandest outdoors.


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