Ryokan of the Sea

  • guntû Grand Suite
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Ryokan of the Sea

With a dining room, a sushi bar, spa, gym and treatment rooms, guntû can fulfil your every desire. Enjoy food that comes from all corners of the Setouchi, creating plates that highlight the pure flavours of the ingredients. Enjoy the sea air from the deck or seek refuge in your suite, partake in a tea ceremony or delight in traditional Japanese suites in Engawa, guntû’s Japanese style veranda. At nigh, enjoy the silhouette of a new island, perhaps a luminous modern port, perhaps a wild and forested realm.

Ryokan of the Sea

All of guntû’s nineteen suites feature terraces that place you near the surface of the sea. The panoramic views, open air baths and minimalistic furnishings are just some of the design decisions that make guntû one of the most aesthetic places in the world. The Terrace Suites are tailored towards inspiration. The two Grand Suites, with expansive terraces, are tailored towards awe. The gûntu Suite, perhaps a little humbly, is tailored towards the indescribable, not least because of its privileged placing at the bow of the ship, affording a panoramic view in the direction of travel, a rare feature.

Ryokan of the Sea

As guntû it sails along the Seto Inland Sea and the intricate galaxy of the Setouchi’s more that 700 islands, the ship unravels a fascinating thread of stories, tradition and also modernity. Eastward, guntû ventures under the Great Seto Bridge and into the fabled Art Islands. On its westward journey, this magical floating ryokan makes for Miyajima, and the charm of a Japan most think lost, or inaccessible. You don’t need to leave guntû at any moment during your trip, and there is hardly any reason to do so, but if the call of adventure is too great, you can use the dedicated speedboats and make shore on mysterious islands and traditional tows. Creating an almost mystical continuity, guntû doesn't’ touch port until the end of the journey, lest the spell be broken.


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Ryokan of the Sea