Fantasy Mekong Cruise

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Fantasy Mekong Cruise

Cambodia’s rivers provide access to all these treasures. However, there are many wrong ways to cruise the Mekong, yet only one that is absolutely right… Picture a 5-star floating hotel that has been carefully designed to traverse the river with the utmost care to leave your experience of the Mekong unspoiled. The Aqua Mekong Cruise is a state of the art ship with 20 designer suites that house up to 40 guests. The fine dining and entertainment, the one-of-a-kind infinity pool, gym and delightful accommodations, make the Aqua Mekong by far the finest vessel to navigate those waters.

Fantasy Mekong Cruise

But going aboard the Aqua Mekong has nothing to do with luxury for luxury's sake. On the contrary, excursions ashore are carefully planned and ethical, having a positive impact on communities visited. The guides are knowledgeable and carefully selected. Furthermore, there is a crew to guest ratio of 1:1, so you can make sure your every need will be dutifully attended to. As you make your way along the Mekong, you will interact with the locals, venture on a bike to temples and remote communes, and kayak by the eaves of floating villages.


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Fantasy Mekong Cruise

Itineraries go between Cambodia and Vietnam, depending on whether you are travelling up or downstream. Trips can start either in Phnom Penh or HCM City. You can book 3, 4 or 7 nights aboard since there is an intermediate stop at Phnom Penh, but the full experience is highly recommended.

Fantasy Mekong Cruise