Sea Home in Blue

  • Blue Deer sailing somewhere in Italy
All images kindly provided by Blue Deer –San Lorenzo Lodges



There aren’t many 74 ft catamarans in the world, less than a dozen by my last count. When these impressive vessels’ sails soar, they capture the imagination, inspiring images of travelling to undiscovered shores and places of wonder. One of these coveted catamarans traverses the Mediterranean, delighting in the treasures of the rugged Italian shore that have remained out of reach… for most.

My friends Giorgia and Stefano have turned their 74-feeter into a home in the sea, available for charter by groups of up to eight and a crew of four. With artful purpose, they have redesigned the ship, making their Blue Deer unique among an already exclusive club, course set to dreamland.

Read about my friend Paolo Crepet, the Poet Hotelier.

Sea Home in Blue
Glorious and exquisite, the Blue Deer sails to Italy's best-kept secrets with unparalleled elegance.

With spacious and carefully designed spaces that blend into each other, your days will flow in effortless enjoyment as you welcome the day in the external lounge and gaze into the distant adventures that await from the upper deck. You can take a break from the sunny waters and gather with your loved ones in the salon. When the night comes, the catamaran’s four cabins will provide privacy and yet closeness to the sea, as if a breaking wave had formed a blue abode to rock you into a pleasant sleep.

Sea Home in Blue
With sleek interiors and artfully designed spaces, this is the modern iteration of a travel classic: a sailing holiday in the Mediterranean.

Did you know the World’s toughest trail is in Sardinia?

Spectacular views and vertiginous elevation gains. You wouldn’t believe that one of Europe’s wildest areas could be so close to a popular destination.

Sea Home in Blue
What lies hidden beneath the blue waters?

With sleek white lines and sails, this contemporary vessel carves the waves with unsurpassed elegance. Set its course to little-visited regions of Italy: Liguria, the Aeolian Islands, the north coast of Sardinia (away from the crowded south) or the Pontine Islands, north of Capri. Venture ashore on the catamaran’s dinghy, visiting tiny pastel-painted villages where time has stood still. In these isolated nooks of Italy, water is still caught in Roman cisterns, massive stone arches adorn a landscape studded with mysterious caves, and secluded coves invite you to swim in their crystalline waters, not a soul in sight.

Sea Home in Blue
Enjoy the best table every night.

As the sun sets, the catamaran is moored in quiet bays walled by volcanic cliffs. Enjoy diving into the sunset-lit waters before a delicious seafood-and-pasta dinner, accompanied by sweet Italian wine, seduces you under the white light of a Mediterranean moon.

Sea Home in Blue
How sweet it is to just enjoy and do nothing!

Follow your instinct aboard the Blue Deer. Dive into the blue waters of the sea and who knows what treasures might suddenly visit upon you in these ancient shores? Use the vessel’s diving equipment and explore the deep blue. Yield to the excitement of waterskiing, wakeboarding and other watersports. Kayak in solitary waters with an unsurpassable backdrop and enjoy some paddleboarding with the entire family.

But of course, sailing is one of the principal things to do aboard the Blue Deer. Join the expert crew and see why the sea has captured the heart of humankind since time immemorial.

Blue Deer is also the place to indulge in one of the most renowned and curiously difficult activities to us busy moderns: dolce far niente, an art that involves staying still in a beautiful place, gathering our thoughts and discovering who we are.

Sea Home in Blue
Explore untrodden shores to discover a side of Italy only a few ever experience.

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A mellow holiday with my parents became a journey of discovery where gastronomy, history and art led me to a side of Italy that moved me with the force of its authenticity.

Sea Home in Blue
The ancient shores harbour many mysteries, a passage to unbound discovery.