Inspiration by Design

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There’s a subtle art to the escape. Some believe it is a matter of dropping everything and diving into forgetfulness. Eager to disconnect from modern life we sometimes disengage. Cheval Blanc have a different approach for the Maldives: to leave behind all burdens, but to enjoy the finest things in life. In this sanctuary in Noomu Atoll, you will find art, design, tranquility and refinement, in creative dialogue with the natural beauty of the Maldives. After all, for those of us who want to get the most out of life, the perfect vacation is not where you go to lose yourself, but where you find yourself anew. 

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Inspiration by Design

Designed by legendary architect Jean-Michel Gathy, Cheval Blanc is unapologetically exquisite, creating an ambiance that enhances the natural surroundings. With 46 villas that provide absolute intimacy, this is the ideal resort to find a sanctuary in the remoteness of the Indian Ocean. With a touch of French glamour, natural materials are accented by art and design elements that inspire the mind and spark the imagination. While most other resorts attempt to blend in with the Maldives environs, Cheval Blanc attempts to improve them… A bold purpose that succeeds!

Inspiration by Design

The overwater and beachfront villas offer spacious master bedrooms and light-flooded living rooms. Private infinity pools and decks are common features. Island villas have private beach access, and gardens with pergolas to dine alfresco and delight in the sweet aromas of pleasant evenings. The crystal-clear and blue waters are always one step away, where marine wonders await. Head to the Maison and find yourself in a milieu of fine-dining restaurants, high-end boutiques and expertly curated art collections.

Inspiration by Design

Unique to Cheval Blanc are the Garden Villas, which combine elements of overwater and beachfront. These allow distinguishing travelers to enjoy the best of both worlds. On one side, the lush gardens and jungle green, on the other, the infinite blue and the pleasures of the sea. For the ultimate experience, the resort offers a Private Island Villa. This 4-bedroom piece of heaven sits on its exclusive coral island and has a dedicated staff. Designed with extraordinary attention to detail, it is not difficult to imagine it as the place where masterpieces are conceived, and the art of the escape refined.