Northern Lights Sanctuary

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Northern Lights Sanctuary

In the middle of a 300ha private forest, the property has the perfect conditions to enjoy the Northern Lights, since there will be no artificial lights to disturb your experience. The innovative chalet is true to its origins and uses traditional materials with a modern approach. The Sámi architect who designed it drew inspiration from life in the Arctic to create this unique 10 room work of art. With a private chef and butler, this is Finland's most luxurious property, in a natural sense, that is!


  • Capturing Auroras

    Capturing Auroras

    Visit the pristine nature of the Swedish Arctic in a four-day expedition.
  • Northern Lights Paradiso

    Northern Lights Paradiso

    Enjoy a front-row seat in Lapland as the Björkliden sky comes to life with the most beautiful show on Earth: the Aurora Borealis.
  • A Show of Norwegian Lights

    A Show of Norwegian Lights

    Join a group of audacious travellers and experience a luxurious adventure in the Norwegian Arctic, including Svalbard!
  • Meet Santa under Magical Finnish Skies

    Meet Santa under Magical Finnish Skies

    Give your children a gift they will never forget and enjoy a unique family Christmas in an exclusive chalet in the middle of a snowy forest.
  • The Russian Tundra and the Green Nightskies

    The Russian Tundra and the Green Nightskies

    Venture to extreme latitudes in the Kola Peninsula for an off-the-beaten-path experience of the Northern Lights.
  • Tromsø and the Arctic Gates

    Tromsø and the Arctic Gates

    Join in an expedition to Norway's Tromsø. Discover the colourful skies and pristine nature of the Lofoten Island.
  • Remote Camping in Greenland

    Remote Camping in Greenland

    Discover the Inuit way of life, the struggle for survival, the connection with nature, the fun and the adventure.
Northern Lights Sanctuary