Your Base at the Archipelago

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In the heart of every nature lover, there is the call of Galapagos. Without a doubt, a cruise is a great way to experience these Enchanted Isles. As a matter of fact, we at Blueflower offer not one, but two nautical experiences at the Galapagos. There are those, however, who would much prefer a secure footing and none of that boatish rocking, especially at night. For them, Pikaia Lodge has created a setting that captures all that’s best of the Archipelago, with many added perks and the flexibility to explore from a privileged base. Pikaia lodge is, in my reckoning, the only way to stay in Galapagos without a liveaboard.  

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Your Base at the Archipelago

Located in Santa Cruz, perched atop two extinct volcanoes, the lodge commands a central position in the archipelago and views to spark intense bouts of inspiration. Only a small percentage of the Galapagos is privately owned. This property is therefore surrounded by protected areas and all the mystery of the isles. It is also an eco-success story. The property used to be a cattle ranch. After strenuous efforts, the native vegetation has been restored and the local fauna has reclaimed its evolutionary birthright.

Your Base at the Archipelago

There are 12 rooms and two suites in Pikaia lodge, designed with the contemporary taste in mind and keeping the utmost sustainability standards. The bamboo floors are delicious to walk on and the uninterrupted views —which all rooms feature— are a soothing experience after a day of exploration and naturalist enquiry. Concerning the suites, one features a private garden and the other a private pool.

Your Base at the Archipelago

While staying at Pikaia, you will find your palate well tended to. Evolution restaurant, which sits on the edge of a crater, enchants guests with Peruvian/Ecuadorian fusion, and the carefully kept wine cellar brings an Andean chill with a fantastic selection of coveted Chilean and Argentinean wines. To chill out and exchange stories, DNA Bar is a clever place to spark great conversations through the art of mixology. If you are more serious about your explorations, Homo Sapiens Explorer’s Lounge features a library and frequent exhibitions and talks, where those inclined to preserve and continue Darwin’s legacy gather to exchange ideas and have a good time.

Your Base at the Archipelago