At the Tea Planter’s

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Glenburn Tea Estate stands out as one of those places that seem infused with a rare patina that never ages nor goes out of fashion: a timeless classic. Perched above a hillock in West Bengal, the Estate features dramatic views of the Himalayas. A wild mountainous spectacle that you can nevertheless enjoy while sipping tea and benefiting from a cultivated and purposeful sense of luxury. The Estate dates from 1859. Originally built by a tea company, it has been the heritage of the Prakashes, also known in the tea business as the Chaiwala Family, or simply, the Tea Planters. 

At the Tea Planter’s

Glenburn Tea Estate features two bungalows, each with four suites. Burra Bungalow, the original planter’s house, has been lovingly restored to its original splendour. Its front verandah is where guests gather for conversation and breathtaking views of the mountains, an exercise made possible by the farm-to-table gastronomy and the excellent tea, of course. The Water Lily Bungalow is a recent addition, built respectful of the landscape and the history of the place. Its suites feature balconies to enjoy the view and the rooms are furnished with period furniture. The two Bungalows are connected by a stone staircase and each suite is decorated after a different theme.


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At the Tea Planter’s

During your stay at Glenburn, you can simply relax, enjoy the food ― most of the ingredients are grown within the Estate ― and you can learn the Chaiwala’s tea secrets. However, if you are feeling more adventurous or find yourself with a surplus of energy, the Estate is ideally located to allow you to hike all day across delightful tea fields and wild mountainous landscapes, while still delighting in the comforts of this splendid retreat.

At the Tea Planter’s