A Room with a Mehrangarh View

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A Room with a Mehrangarh View

The 39 rooms and suites conform to the strict design philosophy: to transport you to a magical place that seems utterly unaffected by time. The rooms have co-opted elements of the previous buildings and they feature either stunning views of the fort or to the courtyard gardens. RAAS is cool, not just in the figurative sense: it is probably the freshest spot in the whole of this scorching Thar desert city.


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A Room with a Mehrangarh View

One of the greatest things about staying at RAAS Jodhpur is that you have one of India’s most exciting cities at your doorstep. I particularly recommend our Blueflower culture walks from the fort. After you are done adventuring in the city, RAAS features Jodhpur’s finest alfresco dining experience ― without a doubt ― with the towering fort in sight.

A Room with a Mehrangarh View