Palace in the Sky

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Palace in the Sky

Stok Palace offers only 6 rooms, each of which is carefully outfitted, while respectful to the original construction, genuine yet not lacking in comfort. The upper storey is a temple where monks pray and meditate and the Palace has a courtyard that is exclusively for the guest’s pleasure. Stok’s table is daily stocked with Ladakhi, Tibetan and Indian courses, and you can join the royals for dinner.

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Palace in the Sky

The preservation of Tibetan heritage is paramount to the hotel managers and they interact closely with the community. Besides witnessing first-hand Ladakhi culture, guests can ride camels and horses in the dramatic, mountainous landscape, enjoy rafting in the Indus River and enjoy the wildlife.


  • Heights of Ladakh: Peaks and Lamas

    Heights of Ladakh: Peaks and Lamas

    Camp in style and travel through an expanse of dramatic high-Himalayan landscape, reliving the tales and spirituality of authentic Tibetan culture.
  • Unexplored India: Nagaland

    Unexplored India: Nagaland

    If you think you know India, think again. This trip takes you to the mysterious Nagaland, where you’ll stay in your own luxurious pop-up camp deep in the lush forest.
Palace in the Sky
Palace in the Sky