Friluftsliv Trails

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Images by Storfjord Hotel except where captioned
Friluftsliv Trails
Image by 62Nord

The area is rich in trails that suit all levels: from a leisurely walk along spruce lanes to daunting summits where everlasting ice hides the troll realms of Norwegian folklore. One could argue that the view is the main attraction, but I think that is a mistaken approach. The true treasure to be found in the Sunnmore region is the opportunity to practise friluftsliv, a Scandinavian concept of being outdoors that emphasises a person’s connection with nature.

Friluftsliv Trails

There are many noteworthy hotels in the Sunnmore Alps. There are two that must be given consideration: Storfjord Hotel is the epitome of cosiness and comfort, with some of the best trekking just outside your door. Union Oye Hotel is historic and the favourite hideout for artists and royals since the late 19th century. It is close to the Norangsdalen and a delightful base to climb the Slogen.

Friluftsliv Trails