South Africa
Safari One on One

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Images by Chitwa Chitwa
Safari One on One

The lodge is located in Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve which is a part of Kruger Park. It has 6 suites, each uniquely decorated, that lead to a private pool and a deck that overlooks a watering hole. At Chitwa, they combine European luxury with African chic flawlessly, standing out where it matters, but otherwise blending seamlessly with the surroundings. If you need even more privacy, you can book Chitwa house, a two-bedroom lodge where you’ll enjoy the services of your private butler and chef.


  • India: A Ghost in the Snow

    India: A Ghost in the Snow

    Devilishly difficult to spot, it is a priced vision for nature lovers. We give you the best shot.
  • Wild Wing over Kenya

    Wild Wing over Kenya

    There's a way to see all there is to see in a single safari: fly.
  • Heli-Safari in Botswana

    Heli-Safari in Botswana

    The ultimate safari adventure. A helicopter drops you where no 4x4 can go. You walk from there.
  • Eco-journey in Odzala

    Eco-journey in Odzala

    Venture into the deep jungles of the Congo and meet the lowland Gorilla.
  • A Walk on the Wild Side of Botswana

    A Walk on the Wild Side of Botswana

    Enjoy the purest form of safari as you walk in close proximity to amazing wildlife.
  • Botswana: Horizons of the Kalahari

    Botswana: Horizons of the Kalahari

    The great expanses of the Kalahari in Botswana are home to some of the world’s most exciting wildlife. Rumor has it, the lions are extremely good looking.
  • Tanzania: Wild Family Holiday

    Tanzania: Wild Family Holiday

    Enjoy world-class game drives and relax in luxurious camps in both northern and southern Tanzania.
  • Botswana: Skybeds & Game

    Botswana: Skybeds & Game

    Deep in the Botswana bush, the Skybeds put you in the middle of the wild. Nowhere else can you get this close.
  • Boundless Namibia

    Boundless Namibia

    Experience the wonder of the Namib desert, uncover its secrets, and get up close to its uniquely adapted wildlife. This is a trip no one else offers.
  • Zimbabwe: Walking with Lions

    Zimbabwe: Walking with Lions

    Experience the drama of African wildlife from the unique perspective gained by travelling on foot.
  • Tanzania: Serengeti Migrations

    Tanzania: Serengeti Migrations

    Go on a Safari that follows the Great Migration and adapts itself to let you experience the vital energy of Tanzania.
  • Uganda: A Rendevouz with the Gorillas

    Uganda: A Rendevouz with the Gorillas

    Eat breakfast in snowy peaks, have lunch in a luxury lodge, dine under the wide skies of the savannah, and meet the giants of the forest.
  • India: It's Tiger Time

    India: It's Tiger Time

    Experience India’s wildlife from luxury lodges in safaris curated by the Project Tiger elite.
Safari One on One

Chitwa used to be a privately owned lodge. One of the regular visitors was a giraffe bull, Chitwa. When the lodge started to receive guests it decided to honour the charismatic visitor and that’s how the lodge got its name. Chitwa is still a family endeavour and denotes a deep love for the South African wilderness, aiding in conservation and managing the reserve ethically. Staying at Chitwa is the only selfless way that I know of to have Kruger Park all to yourself.

Safari One on One