Fjord Boutique

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Fjord Boutique

With rooms that have either forest or fjord views, you’ll be able to enjoy long winter nights by the fireplace as the snow mantle falls over the world outside. The hotel works with local farmers and the food accents what’s locally grown. They go so far as to feature their exclusive brand of ale, Storfjordbrygg (Storfjord-brew), that is only served at the hotel.

Fjord Boutique

No matter the season, there is plenty to do at the Storfjord. In the Summer, Sunnmøre is one of Norway’s best hiking regions. You can stretch your legs in the woods, enjoy the fjord views and practise the essence of a Norwegian summer: friluftsliv! Winter brings other opportunities. You can ski in the fjords, ride a helicopter and catch an Aurora or two.


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