A Nobler Villa

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All images by Le Torri di Bagnara
A Nobler Villa
Medieval buildings with a few modern touches.

Near Assisi, halfway between Florence and Rome, a private 1500-acre estate harbours 11-15th century castles which have been lovingly restored and preserved by the Giunta-Tremi family. The main house, Pieve San Quirico Castle, was built in the 11th century by Frederick II of Swabia. The castle can accommodate up to 15 guests in 7 bedrooms. This historic residence captures all the romance of chivalry tales —with a few added luxuries, mind!

Unlike most historical properties in Italy, Torri di Bagnara is actually licensed. Everything from the electrical installation to the plumbing must adhere to the highest security standards. In the same passion for hospitality, the estate is fully staffed by travel-industry professionals, creating a balance between fantasy and comfort that hits all the right notes.

A Nobler Villa
Castello di Bagnara is the Countess' residence and available for weddings and special events.

For larger parties, an 11th-century high tower is also available. It can easily accommodate an extra 15 guests in its 8 rooms. The tower is up to every standard that the Castle espouses.

The lush greenery and cultivated countryside surrounding are ideal for walking, hiking, mushroom and truffle hunting, and wildlife watching and photography. The scented gardens and rolling hills of the Umbrian country will fuel your most pleasant dreams in years to come. Furthermore, the local farm will regale you with nourishments rich with a distinct terroir and unequaled freshness.

A Nobler Villa
The private estate is ripe with treasure, like this centenary olive grove.

The Countess’ abode, Castello di Bagnara, is available for special events and weddings. This treasure of Italy features a 17th-century chappel consacrated to St Charles Borromeo. It is as fitting a dedication as one could find, since the saint was often deemed “to the well-born a pattern of virtue, to his brother cardinals an example of true nobility.” Torri di Bagnara is, undoubtedly, the ideal place for those wishing to experience the best of the values and aesthetics of the old European Aristrocracy.