Royal Grandeur - Natural Inspiration

  • Royal Grandeur
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Royal Grandeur - Natural Inspiration

The 27 rooms are named after renowned guests that have honoured the hotel with their patronage. Princess Victoria and Queen Maud are among those whose names are entwined with the hotel’s history. I personally find it more impressive that this has been a retreat for both Edvard Grieg, the celebrated Norwegian composer and Ibsen, the country’s most acclaimed playwright. You’ll soon find that the Union Øye affords next-level inspiration.

Royal Grandeur - Natural Inspiration

The hotel boasts of outstanding service and luxurious accommodations, as would be expected of such a locale. But for me, what makes this place special is the opportunity to relive the pages of my favourite 19th-century imagery: a romantic getaway with soaring orchestral music and nature that speaks to my creative spirit. While at the Union Øye you can hike in the picturesque Norangsdale, sail to the Geirangerfjord and the Hjørundfjord, and even summit the Slogen.

Royal Grandeur - Natural Inspiration


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